The European Network of Heritage Fairs (Herifairs) is the first and unique operative platform for exchange and development synergies between the most prestigious fairs in conservation, restoration and valorization of cultural heritage in Europe, with an open cooperation with other international fairs and events in the world. Formally established in November 2018 by Florence Art and Restoration Fair, AR&PA Bienal Iberica de Patrimonio Cultural, in Valladolid and Portugal and MONUMENTO Salzburg, the network counts, at today, over 800 expositors, more than 180.000 visitors in all the conservation, restoration and valorization sectors.

With the actual 7 members, Heirfairs represents a dynamic cross-disciplinary network in Europe that advocates for the valorization of cultural heritage by empowering and creating new opportunities for its members at international level creating an operative synergy between the fairs, sharing a common calendars and promoting events organization and projects.

In March 2019 Heritage Istanbul becomes a member of Herifairs. In October 2020 Textile Festival of Bozen entered in Herifairs. In January 2021 Heritage Benelux joined the network.

OUR MISSION: The mission of Herifairs is to represent and empower the Cultural Heritage sector and to be an influential voice and advocate in promoting the interests of its members at European and international level.


Salone dell'Arte e del Restauro di Firenze

ARPA Portugal

Monumento Salzburg

ARPA Valladolid

Heritage Istanbul

Textile Festival Bolzano

Heritage Benelux


23-25 June 2021


5th International Conservation, Restoration, Archaeology, Museum Technology

23-25 June 2021

8-9 October 2021

14-17 October 2021

15-17 October 2021

20-21 January 2022

May 2022

coming soon




Heritage Benelux is a new Member of Herifairs

Heritage Benelux is a new Member of Herifairs

On January 29th 2021, in Our Rekem (Belgium) Mr Frank Nebuurs, Chairman of Heritage Benelux and Mr. Emanuele Amodei, President of Herifairs signed the agreement with certify the entrance of the new Fair in the Network. ...
Florence Art and Restoration Fair 2020 – Online Edition

Florence Art and Restoration Fair 2020 – Online Edition

From 14 to 16 October 2020, the Florence Art and Restoration Exhibition organized many live events and shared many contributions. The rich calendar is online and can also be consulted for the next few months. Participants: University of Florence, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, MiBACT and many companies and cultural realities. To review the Events CALENDAR 2020 ...
Emanuele Amodei new vice president of Assopatrimonio

Emanuele Amodei new vice president of Assopatrimonio

Emanuele Amodei was appointed national vice president of Assopatrimonio, thanks to his work Florence is confirmed capital of Italian restoration. This new role will implement the strength of Herifairs. CLICK HERE ...
Heritage Istanbul is a new Member of Herifairs

Heritage Istanbul is a new Member of Herifairs

The entrance ceremony took place march 6th 2021 during the fair Monumento Salzburg where Mr.Cem Şenel, General Director of Tg Expo and Mr. Emanuele Amodei, President of Herifairs, signed the agreement. View photos of the deal! CLICK HERE ...


HERIFAIRS’s Strategic Focus 2020 – 2022 is based on four guiding pillars, which were approved by the General Assembly in November 2018. It aims to promote, enable and facilitate:





Our fundamental objectives is the Preservation, Conservation, Valorization and Dissemination of World Cultural Heritage among the peoples.

The Network objectives shall be to:

  • promote and encourage the specific needs of Heritage Fairs in a European and international context;
  • represent the interests of heritage fairs and to advise national and international institutions involved in co-operation in the field of staging heritage fairs and events;
  • provide support and promote Heritage Fairs’ contribution to the development of culture;
  • promote international co-operation between staff members and contributors of Heritage Fairs throughout Europe;
  • collect and provide information among European Heritage Fairs with a view to establish and/or improve exchange of experiences, knowledge, exchange programmes and joint projects;
  • uphold and defend the diversity of cultures and to foster communication between European and non-European cultures as partners in a global cultural society.



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